I cannot recommend this product enough. No I am not a sponsor although I think I would make a pretty good job of it if I was!!

For anyone who is prone to spending fortunes on acrylic/shellac/gel nails and weekly trips to a nail salon then you can thank me later for introducing you to this life changing product –

Seche Vite was recommended to me by a friend as I was trying my best to save my dying nails from constant acrylic applications as well as trying to save myself a small fortune on the money I spend having my nails done!

This amazing product is a fast drying top coat that is applied after nail varnish colours.

It leaves my nails looking as if I have had gel or shellac applied and I have had nothing but compliments since!

The shine is fab and it lasts for weeks!! I picked mine up from Boots however, this product is also available in Sally Express

I used this to perfect my nude/stone colour from Barry M and I added a bit of sparkle since its nearly Christmas time (did I just say that?)

Barry M Nails




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