Monday Brunchin’

A Monday spent shopping with your mum. being spoiled and brunching at Juice Garden is a Monday VERY well spent!


My mum is an air hostess so jets around the world  far too frequently. Although I love her for the job she has as it treats my ever lasting obsession with Victoria Secrets and the odd VAT saving deal from the USA or China, it can be so hard for us to spend quality time together!!

I wore my River Island Winter Boots – my best buy last year!! Leather heels, I will admit I once used them as an excuse for wellies because they are so comfy – Glam Wellies!

My H&M fur Gilet is another winter must have! In November its always hard to gauge the weather and there is nothing glam about being too warm indoors so this is a perfect in-between 🙂

I made the most of this time with her, we brunched in Juice Garden Byres Road – the best foodie place to land itself on my (sort of) doorstep! Gluten Free all round and I love a good Green Juice!

IMG_5419 IMG_6721

We then shopped till we dropped, I was even online shopping on route to shops!! Why is there no Missguided store!??



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